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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  September 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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buildings in downtown cedar rapids. the cedar river is now above flood stage and will continue rising until the predicted crest tuesday morning. right now the forecast says the crest will be at 23 feet, which is a couple of feet lower than the prediction two days ago. kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers joins us live from downtown cedar rapids with an update. kcrg tv 9 samantha myers is live
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samantha. >> it is very quiet still in downtown cedar rapids right now. this street second street is pretty much empty. there's one truck there. i don't know what they're doing. they may be clearing out some last minute stuff. there's still people walking around riding on bicycles. the city is asking people to avoid the evacuation zone unless they live there are or working one person he came from north liberty just to see everything for himself. >> the feeling it's going to be another devastating situation. i see they're a lot more prepared this time. it's one of those butterfly feelings when you see situation like this. any world catastrophe that's
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>> now there is a curfew tonight starting at 8:00 in the evacuation zone. reporting live in downtown cedar rapids. >> and we've been talking a lot about the flood inundation mapses. thankfully in independence we've already crested. 380 is well above the river. 1 place that may be in question depending on how things are going to evolve with the crest would be potentially highway 13 on the east side of town. once it gets to 23 feet it starts to get a little bit closer to the highway 13.
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just fine from that particular standpoint. we're going to take a tour. we'll be watching highway 13. kind of extending up the tributaries up there. heading up upstream the water treatment plant totally fine. so the water treatment plant will be just fine. indian creek it does just so north of mount vernon road should not cause too many significant issues. from the old river road and otis road. also there are going to be becomes a throughout the prairie creek. as there are going to be summarizes in that area and some
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south and west. bowling street between 30 and 33rd avenue. there are industrial areas that will have some area trying to creep out of the creek there. once we get to 6th street southwest it doesn't come out of its banks as much inundated maps. and no sandbags or no the other berms. this is a worst-case scenario at
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in blue will be a little bit less because of the protection going on. that will be something we have to watch for over the next couple of days. moving back over to the downtown area. from the river to the sixth or 7th street southwest. that is an area we're watching. heinged up to the time check area. looks like the water would extend back toward ellis. could get to 9th or 10th street. moving back a farther upstream it hugs really close to the
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be closing this evening. that's the plan from the cedar rapids. so that is going to be closed off as the water continues to rise there. not surprisingly much of ellis is going to be dealing with the flooding. usher's ferry area and seminole port. zooming out the view much of this area is more in the way of the palo we're going to be looking to be affecting that area. especially blairs ferry. down at the end of the main street. as we head back toward the around drake, thompson and lynn are going to be other areas
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and speaking of businesses good example of that is historic bakery in czech village where people came in to help. decorah bakery people came in to protect it. everything is out of the basement and up 3 feet as well. so many people showed up to they had it all finished within an hour. wonderful feeling. i mean you can't thank them
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a lot of kolaches. and kcrg bria love tells us how one business prepared. we're right outside of john's tire. this is how high the water went in so the business definitely knew to prepare this time around. the community came around to help prepare john's tire this afternoon. and the shop owner stood and watched. he says he's happy to have more notice this time around. in 2008 we didn't have as much preparation time. we didn't know what to expect.
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if there is damage from sunday's flooding john's tire will open up. vinton emergency management specs the cedar river to go down to 17 feet by weekend. hopefully john's tire can take the sandbags down then. >> and this aerial video is showing palo. just a northwest of cedar rapids. the cedar river won't be cresting there until tomorrow. flooding especially through the southeast part of town. tv dave franzmann joins us live. >> dave. >> bruce, we've been watching the water creep up on the southeast side of palo. that's the area where they have ordered mandatory evacuations. what you see behind me is a home right at the palo city limits. there's a pond that's not a
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creeping closer and closer. this may be the first home to have the sandbag system tested as the water continues to rise here. this is lewis drive on the southeast side of palo about three or four hours ago my photographer and i drove through here. the water was not over the road yet. and it keeps creeping closer and closer to where we're standing. if you actually see it move. the water is continuing to come up in palo. we mention that that the alliant energy had thought they were going to start cutting power three hours ago. what residents tell me though they have not done it yet. they're waiting for the crest in vinton. they're waiting until the absolute last minute to cut the
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back and forth. they're watching to see if they have to. let's get another check of our forecast. but right now some of the flooding. got a moving of the flooding in vinton. staying out of the floodwaters.
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womb notice the wind picking up later tonight. especially and our monday. it will be gusty at times. we'll see lots of sunshine for our monday. that's going to help some of the folks for the folks doing those preparations. for the rest of our and first day of fall was thursday. fall is finally going to get here. high pressure moos in. expecting a cool and windy pattern to start the workweek. we're looking at dry conditions for the rest of the upcoming week. the rest of the lows 51 in cedar
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52 in iowa city. breezy at times at 10 to 15-miles-per-hour. as we move into our monday temperatures will be on the cool side. 67 cedar rapids. 66 in waterloo. 68 in washington. we'll see lots of sunshine. winds out of the west. a little gusty. 15 to 20-miles-per-hour. gusts upwards to 30-miles-per-hour. dry conditions. 66. 67 on we we're going to keep it dry. high temperatures. >> and that will give the rivers some time to recede and also let's folks start recovering from the floodwaters. so good news. >> thanks so much. >> that's great news. >> thanks chris.
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asked people living in the flood zone. we're going to check with kcrg tv 9 jordy kulk. >> yes that's right bruce and beth. i'm along 5th street northwest and i would say a bunch of people a good evacuated and they're going to re-evaluate their plans tomorrow morning. i spoke to one young family because their house is already packed up and prepared for the future flooding. the they sandbagged all of their home. and moved everything out of the basement and off of the first
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with her parents until the water lowers. >> we have pretty much all of our essential things. pretty much all of our clothes are with us. so we have our bed still upstairs. >> and again that evacuation is suggested for 8:00 tonight and also the curfew begins at 8:00 tonight. there is some traffic in this live in this area or aren't sandbagging you don't need to be in this area. >> thank you jordy. we will have continuing live
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perspective on the flooding from ground level. boy that's true. so let's take a look at it from the air today. and kcrg tv 9 john campbell went up in an airplane to give us an aerial view. we did. we started our tour in vinton. you're going to take a look at here. there's downtown vinton at the top of the screen. up by the courthouse surrounding the jail. the bridge is nobody is going across the bridge in vinton because of the rising waters. really the main the big wall of floodwaters hasn't hit these areas. now we move down to palo down river and you can see the water is moving in there. this was an area that was hit hard in '08.
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harbor. now we're looking at quaker oats and they have a dike system of their own. the czech and slovak museum. cargill on the southeast side of town. they're all diked up there. this is the time check area. so many houses were flooded and of course have been removed. and this is the main downtown area the water still under the bridges. that's good news. and that's what it looked from the air today. there's flooding but it's not as dramatic yet. thank you so much john. as we told you earlier some businesses near the newbo district are upset that the city's flood walls don't
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phil. and well, a lot of business owners telling their morale dropped really low when the city told them they would have to fend for themselves. to try to prevent some of the floodwaters entering their shops. barriers from newbo businesses are making it hard for volunteers to come help. at kickstand the bar decided to clear everything out and let the
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we struggle to make these things happen. we know that newbo is a low-lying area. and 16th avenue is really our last hard surface. the barriers that we have placed need to be placed on a pavement surface. preferably on concrete. the owner wrote a letter to the city arguing that the land behind their business is flat and barrier would have worked there. he will run a generator to try to. live in cedar rapids.
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thanks for joining us for this special edition of >> want to bring you the latest river information we do have in. we do have updates in vinton. 21 feet. that was the latest river level reported. 21 and a half feet early morning. in cedar rapids this was updated as well. we're now at 13.5 feet. we did jump above flood stage earlier this afternoon. still looking for a 9 and a half feet rise between now and the crest. which happens on tuesday morning. we'll continue to watch and monitor the flood situation. thank you for joining us for this special edition of the
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